World War Two Essay example

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World War Two

On June 18, 1812, President Madison of the United States and Congress declared war on Great Britain. On June 25, the French emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte led his army in Europe across the Nieman River into Russia.(1) Although these two events were thousands of kilometers apart they were directly connected to each other. To some extent, the Americans declared war in protest against measures that were part of Britain's effort to defeat Napoleon with the use of blockades. There are many interesting aspects to the War of 1812, including the fact of why it even happened. Britain and the United States had more reasons to remain friends than to start a war. The intent of this essay is to examine American and British objectives
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The Twelve Congress, which received Madison's war message proved to be dominated by a group of young men known as the 'War Hawks'.(5) These men were chiefly from the west and south who resented the injuries inflicted on the United States by Great Britain during the War for Independence, and were seeking retribution.(6) Like many other Americans, they believed the manifest destiny of the United States was to control all of British North America.

This American dream of major conquest of North America was made clear in a speech given by Congressman Richard Johnston of Kentucky "I shall never die contented until I see her [Britain] expulsion from North America, and her territories incorporated with United States."(7) Mr. Felix Grundy concurred with Mr. Johnston by stating "I am willing to receive the Canadians as adopted brethren;... I therefore feel anxious not only to add the Floridas to the south but the Canadas to the north of this Empire..."(8) America now had their major objective for the war and despite objections by New England and New York, war was declared by a slim margin on June 18,1812.

Logically this war was a serious threat to Canada, since it was only in North America that the U.S. could hope to defeat the British. Geographically, the struggle

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