World War Two: The Tragedy Of Nazi Germany

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The story of Nazi Germany during World War 2 is one of tragedy. It was a time of extremes, where Hitler had taken office and become the leader of the Nazi party. He allowed himself to assume the position of what we now call tyrant. The Nazi party was driven on the principle that the aryan race was superior to all other races in Europe. The Nazi party became totalitarianistic due to their extreme regimens.
In my opinion this period in history is one of tragedy and struggle, but also of beauty. You see that has time has gone on history continues to repeat itself. Yet every time we are surprised. When looking at Nazi Germany it truly is a tragedy that this world is being opressed to such extremes. Knowledge was physically destroyed. Those not of aryan descent were imprisoned and killed solely for being different. Yet this is all tragic, it is humanity at its worst. Although I can’t help but see beauty in these actions as well. From this suffering we have seen triumph, and glory. We have seen that so many people managed to hold on
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The authors speaking in the video at one point explain the importance of books. Many of us today seem to miss what can have such power over us. Because literature truly has power. It was said in the video, “what makes books so dangerous is that you can physically be oppressed and locked up but they can’t take control of your mind. Your imagination can set you free.” This truly shows us why people are afraid of knowledge. It is a power that can’t be controlled and throughout history it has been the motivation for such death and destruction. Yet out of that the very same idea that create ruins can create beauty. And that is the idea of Fahrenheit 451. That Clarice is humanity at its finest, and Beatty is humanity at its worst. The two extremes, and Montag is all of us. Living in the middle, seeing or ignoring to warning
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