World War: Weapons And Main Events

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World War ll Weapons and Main Events The pistol was very inaccurate and used mostly in close combat. This weapon was carried by infantry officers, tank crews and pilots. There were no significant changes from those pistols used in World War 1. All were semi-automatic. United States: .45 caliber M1911 Germans: .38 caliber Walther Luger Model 1908. British: .38 caliber Webley Soviets: Tokarev pistol Italy: Beretta .33 caliber Japan: Nambu Type 94, unsafe. Many officers preferred ceremonial swords. Was sometimes used by officers to commit suicide, so they don’t get captured World War 2 was fought between two groups of countries.The bad side Germany, Italy and Japan and on the good side was Britain, France, Australia,Canada, New Zealand,
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