World War Z And The Dog Stars

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Essay 3 Apocalyptic novels are very common in today’s world. Novel like World War Z and The Dog Stars are moderately entertaining and full of traumatic situations. These types of literature often develop characters with ethical and moral issues. Issues that in many situation people have to cultivate one’s own perspective on morality. As a reader one has to determine what is right and what is wrong during an apocalyptic event. While it appears to serve as a stepping stone in understanding what one will do to survive an epidemic. Others may find themselves struggling with internal emotions that might lead to selfishness. Perter Heller, author of the novel The Dog Stars recent examples, of this unreal movement that plays out…show more content…
The similarity seems to play out with humans. At time humans put up barriers and distance between each other. Not realizing how a person has influence one’s life. Bad or good society expresses ethical and morality by respecting and caring for others. However, many times one takes for granted the great opportunities one has when dealing with human life. In addition, human relationship gets unnoticed in the middle of catastrophe event. The Dog Stars is one of the particular utmost defining issues in survival is how one can get along with others. One may be independent and bodily fit, but one can almost assure there will come a point when a helping hand is needed. The novel The Dog Stars Heller, describes the relationship between Hig, and Jasper his dog. Having internal emotion after losing his wife and unborn child. Jasper becomes Hig’s guide, hunting and fishing cohort, co-pilot, and his best friend. Jasper provides the solid, comforting company that only an animal can, he is what keeps Hig going. However, the death of Jasper generates an outpouring of sadness in Hig. In the novel Heller, describes Hig’s heartbreaking farewell, “Goodbye, bud. You are Jasper. My heart. We are never apart, not here, not there” (112). In America dogs are known to be man best friend. Coming home every day to a pet that accepts one’s imperfections and loves us unconditionally. Dogs bring a lot of joy to one’s life. For that
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