World Wide Consortium

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World Wide Consortium

Tim Bernes-Lee in 1989 created the World Wide Web, and in 1994 he and a few others established the World Wide Consortium. (a) The World Wide Consortium’s mission is “to lead the world wide web to its full potential by developing protocols and guidelines that ensure long-term growth for the web (a).” This is an international organization with a variety of members making up the organization. They all have a common goal which is to make the web standardized with rules and principles, and to date they have made over eighty recommendations.(a)

The World Wide Consortium has had three long-standing goals. These are to provide universal access, a semantic web, and a web of trust. Universal access means “to
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The great bulk of the world’s websites are currently unsuccessful in providing access for people with disabilities. (E) A great majority of disabled people have difficulty because of clutter, complex web arrangements, and unclear navigation tools. Americans with Disabilities has not yet taken any company to court over unfair equal access law, however the commission is ready to take action and they would have a good chance in court.(F) Any company that chooses to not change their website to accommodate people with disabilities could be sued under the Disability Discrimination Act.(F) On the bright side studies show that when you increase accessibility of your site for people with disabilities, you also increase it by about fifty percent for all other users.(F)

Coming up with a way for people who are blind to access the web has been a major challenge. In 1999, the organization developed computer-programming guidelines so that people who are blind can have access to the internet; nevertheless these guidelines are currently only followed if the company wants too. A few countries have made these guidelines the law, leading this practice is Britain. In the US these guidelines and recommendations are only required if you belong to a federal company or if you work on government contracts. Other companies are encouraged to follow the guidelines because they will benefit the company and may avoid future law
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