World Wide Intimate Partner Violence

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World wide intimate partner violence is a serious action, not only for heterosexual relationships, but also for same-sex relationships. In an article IPV was best described as abuse that occurs between two individuals in a close and intimate relationship and usually refers to romantic couples, be they are married, dating, living together, or former partners/ spouses (Samuelson, Kristin W. and Oringher, Jonathan 1). When we think about it, then why have we not heard about IPV in same-sex and even in heterosexual relationships and why isn’t it reported. Researchers have defined IPV as a pattern of behavior in which a current or former partner attempts to control the thoughts, beliefs, or actions of their partner and could include physical, sexual, or psychological harm (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2008a). As I gathered information I discovered there is not much information. Why? We know that IPV can be world wide and devastate anyone but we are judgmental to our surroundings and many do not tell anyone about what is going on. Not only can that but IPV be caused by a substance, physical and mental problems. Intimate partner violence and same-sex relations encounter the risk of factors and stress. LGBT individuals experience discrimination from employment, housing, and public amenities. In states such as Indiana, sexual orientation and gender identity are protected classes under Civil Rights Law. Other risk factors include increased risk of poverty,
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