World Wide Trading Company ( Wwtc ) Essay

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World Wide Trading Company (WWTC) A. Executive Summary World-Wide Trading Company (WWTC) is a huge broker corporation located in Hong Kong which has 9000 staff members’ diverse across different office branches around the world. The assessment plan offers a wide view of the business situation to set up a new location of the WWTC in New York in United States as its branch office to connect it in the existing network which needs to be reliable, fast, secure and fulfil the future requirements of the company to expand its growth and business with more competency in the global market. As per the report suggested to you about the company current infrastructure is that the network as far as concerned is solid and a fast gigabit network and the present supply will satisfy the needs easily, but you need to enhance the performance and maintain the balance for the new regional office to be built in the New York location. The paper justifies the approach to give the security policy documented for more protected network and delivers the Active Directory design installation to configure and set the existing organization structure unit in order to manage the staff including subordinates like manager, broker etc. The authentic assessment offers the logical and physical design solution to the company network infrastructure that has strong authentic and comprehensive structure but still requires more sophisticated arrangement of the network elements. The main objective is to deliver the

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