World Wide Walmart

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World Wide Walmart 1 Walmart: INTERNET AND SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE Edwina Q. Rawls Capella University Foundational Skills for Business Leaders Professor Chris Banescu May 24, 2015 World Wide Walmart 2 Abstract In today’s world, being in the media is very important when trying to gain a vast customer base online. According to Pozin (2014), a great social media presence is now essential to businesses both large and small. Consumers are looking at company’s social media accounts using the same parameters they look for when searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right. Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of discount department stores and warehouse stores. Headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, United…show more content…
Its digital technology unit, @WalmartLabs, creates platforms and products around social and mobile commerce. Since its inception, @WalmartLabs has been actively scouting for acquisitions. In November 2011, it acquired Grabble, the maker of ‘point of sale technology’ that ties in with mobile phones. Walmart is also trying to leverage social media to drive its sales. In 2011, it partnered with Facebook and also acquired Kosmix, a social media company to promote its offerings (2013). The future of Walmart seems promising. SWOT Analysis Strengths Some strengths of Walmart is that it is the number one retailer in the world with unmatched scale of operations and has a strong power over suppliers and competitors so they can keep their prices low. They also have a wider range of products than any other retailer. Weaknesses Unfortunately, there are weaknesses. There lawsuits and negative publicity has damaged their reputation because of claims that are unfavorable. These claims can drive away customers online and in the store. World Wide Walmart 5 Opportunities There are also big opportunities for this company. Online retail sector grew by 4.7% in the US in 2011, reaching $197 billion. Walmart being the biggest offline retailer has huge opportunities to expand its presence in online retail market. The company can offer convenience to pick up the goods ordered online in its more than 10,000 stores and can offer even lower prices online than at the
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