World Wildlife Fund : A Charity For A Better World And A Brighter Future !

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World Wildlife Fund: A Charity for a Better World and a Brighter Future! The Earth is home to billions of varying life forms. Sadly, several of the Earth 's necessary resources and wildlife species are slowly decreasing in number. Many popular species, for example, tigers, elephants, and sea turtles are considered endangered. It is important that action is taken in order to save the Earth. Many organizations and people are attempting to address the problem by donating money and raising awareness of the Earth 's state. A well-known organization working to aid in saving the Earth’s resources and wildlife is the World Wildlife Fund. While it may appear as though the World Wildlife Fund forces people and companies to “go green,” the charity…show more content…
When a species goes extinct, people lose necessary goods that make life possible. Without a various range of life, nature will become imbalanced. The World Wildlife Fund has been successful in recovering several species populations. In turn, aiding in the protection of wealthy biodiverse ecosystems while ensuring people benefit from nature. The organization also works to conserve the world’s forests in order to maintain nature’s variety. Deforestation negatively impacts people and nature alike. Forests provide a variety of resources for all forms of life. 8 out of 10 land-living animals and about 300 million humans reside in forests. Not only are forests important to people and animals, but forest trees are necessary for Earth’s well being too. Forests are able to hold over 210 gigatons of CO2 (this is 7x the amount produced each year by human activities) (“WWF”). With this in mind, WWF wishes to reverse the degradation of the environment by rethinking how people make and use energy, food, water, and protect the Earth (“World Wildlife Fund,” Charity). So, people can become better prepared for a changing world. For the past years, climate change has impacted wildlife, frontline communities, people’s security, the economy, water/oceans, and the Arctic. WWF believes that taking action to lower the human population’s carbon footprint can help slow down climate change. Another source WWF protects is the Earth’s oceans to keep nature healthy. On Earth, the most

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