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1. “But Friedman’s image of a flat earth is profoundly misleading – a view of the world from a seat in business class. Flatness is another way of describing the transnational search by companies for cheap labor, an image that misses the pervasiveness of global inequality and the fact that much of the developing world remains mired in poverty and misery. It also misses the importance of the global geopolitical hierarchy, which guarantees the provision of stability, property rights, and other international public goods. The rise of China and India is less about flatness than it is about dramatic upheavals in the mountains and valleys of the global geopolitical map” Question: Do you agree or disagree with this view by a critic, and to…show more content…
Also, this software has changed some job interview processes. Now, companies can save cost by interviewing potential employees through the computer. Especially, if the company is looking to hire a person from abroad. In my opinion, I can potentially see more interviewers using this software as part of their hiring process. Therefore, this could affect the way I prepare for the hiring process and communicate to my future boss. The last technology that has affected my life is online shopping. These days, I do most of my shopping on because the business has fast shipping if you’re a prime member and saves my wallet money. I notice most items I buy from the business are items that are from other sellers. I believe Amazon has found a way to cut cost by not making the product and no retail store. Therefore, it seems to me they have saved a lot of expenses. In my opinion, the Amazon process has affected my shopping habits in the real world. In conclusion, these three examples have affected my wallet in a positive way and have given me the ability to communicate from distance. 3. What qualities enabled India to take center stage when the looming Y2K scenario generated unprecedented demand for programmers? What can other nations learn from India’s success in this realm? What are India’s greatest vulnerabilities? Answer: The qualities that enabled India to take advantage of the approaching Y2K scenario was investing in education and

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