World 's Economic Center Of Gravity Moves Towards Asia

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Executive Summary As the world’s economic centre of gravity moves towards Asia, many multinationals relationships with South East Asia is becoming increasingly linked to their economic future. Building broader and resilient relationships in the overseas markets is fundamental to deliver long-term service in order to foster economic prosperity within the world. This is the apt time for big multinationals to focus on South East Asia and double their engagement efforts. With the growth of much new innovative and technological advancement in the intensive economies of the South East Asian market, many local players have started to replicate and embed these imperatives in their home turf to create a platform for their entry into the global…show more content…
In order to sustain its numero uno position and maintain its brand image, it has to be able to compete against its core rivals and new entrants with a sound strategic plan. With a clear-cut vision and expert management team, the airline company looks to stabilize its future for both short and long term. But major problems in operations and other areas have continuously irked the airline company and Air Asia needs to do a stand out job in redefining their strategy and planning to contend with these problems. Air Asia should take a look into both the external and internal factors that have reaped success as well as failure for the airline and identify their strategy and planning for the future. The SWOT analysis (Exhibit 7) and other strategic tools point to two major steps the airline must adopt in order to develop its operations and company performance. The two steps are (1) Market Development and (2) Market Penetration. These two steps conjoined with an aggressive low pricing strategy could be used to boost sales and revenue. With a network spanning over 20 countries, Air Asia leads the way for low-cost air service through efficient processes, innovative solutions and a steady business plan. Along with its subsidiaries in other countries, it is ready to propel low-cost flying into newer markets and newer destinations. As, Air Asia has been expanding its business
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