World 's Most Well Known Aquarium Parks

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Everyone has heard of SeaWorld. It is one of the world’s most well-known aquarium parks across the nation with its many locations around the globe. It is home to many marine animals but is especially famous for its breath taking shows performed by killer whales.
These shows are always a crowd favourite, but have you ever considered it from say the killer whales point of view? To understand we would have to go back to the very start of this insane journey that hundreds of wild killer whales have had to experience.
Going back to the 1980s, fishing boats used to heard up families of killer whales in the wild. They would trow bombs in the water in attempted to heard the whales into a cove. The male killer whale would try to distract the boats so that the woman and children could get away. However despite the males attempt to protect them, the boast eventually would heard the mothers and take their calves. In a way this is like kidnapping a little kid away from its mother.
These young whales would then be shipped off to marine parks including a park called Sealand. One whale who was captured in the

early 1980’s was a whale named Tilikum. At age 2 Tilikum weighed 4 thousand pounds and was 16 feet. Despite his large size, he was stored in a concrete enclosure that was 20 feet across and 30 feet deep. This resulted in him being practically immobile, locked in there. This was inhuman.
Tilikum was a part of the killer whale shows preformed at SeaLand, a marine park
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