Worldhistory1 Essay

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Nina Lukach

Professor Mark Brandon

World History I

May 3, 2015

Final Essay

Ibn Battuta is considered to be one of the greatest travelers of all time. He was born in Morocco and come from Berber descent. Ibn Battuta visited a majority of the Islam world, as well as the developing civilizations surrounding the Islamic cities (Dunn, Ross, The Adventures of Ibn Battuta,1986, 159). He learned a lot about the Islamic religion and those who follow it during his travels. The Islamic culture is an attractive civilization with global appeal because Muslims uphold traditions from the beginning of time, tolerate diversity, and are respectful, generous, and obedient. Islamic people understand and emphasize the importance of practicing and
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This is a very old tradition that has been practiced even before the establishment of Islamic religion (Battuta, Ibn, “Travels in Mali,” in Kevin Reilly, Readings in World Civilizations, 1992, 313). The muslims that Battuta had encounters with in Mali continued to uphold this tradition. The residents of the city of Shafia were both peaceful and religious. Both the men and women of this city memorized the Koran to uphold the Islamic tradition (Translated by Samuel Lee, The Travels of Ibn Battuta, 2009, 165). Ibn Battuta had many encounters with Islamic people throughout his travels that proved they were accepting of people from different nations. “The Rihla explains: The king of India ... makes a practice of honoring strangers and showing affection to them and singling them out for governorships or high dignities of state.” (Dunn, Ross, The Adventures of Ibn Battuta, 1986, 179). Going out of your way to make someone feel welcome is a very admirable quality. Although the kings employees, ministers, officials, and relatives through marriage were not all Islamic, they were still considered honorable (Dunn, Ross, The Adventures of Ibn Battuta, 1986, 179). Traders of many different nations were encouraged and diversity was accepted by the rulers of the Golden Horde (Dunn, Ross, The Adventures of Ibn Battuta, 1986, 161). Ibn Battuta was welcomed by a vast number of generous rulers throughout his journeys. When he arrived in Hali, he was
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