Worldly Authority

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way to avoid the cross, please let it pass. He endured the shame, the rejection, and the pain because he had demonstrated that His foundation was strong.
Authority recognized by the centurion In Luke 7, Jesus enters Capernaum where was a centurion requested Jesus to heal one of his sick servants near death’s door. The servant was near death’s door. It is not clear if the centurion does not care as much about his employee as much as he does about the value that the servant brings to his house. Never the less, the centurion has heard about Jesus and sends out elders to request Jesus to come to his house. Jesus does not let the fact that this man is a powerful state official that would use the Jews for his own benefit. In the prophetic Kingdom of God, there are no geopolitical boundary’s. Jesus heads off with the delegation to the house. While not far from the house the centurion sends friends to call off Jesus. The centurion calls him ‘Lord,’ and makes the statement
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We started with the thesis that worldly authority can be easy to be recognized, but authority in the kingdom of God is marked by having spiritual discernment that is proved by its results. Authority in the kingdom of God comes as a result of knowing Jesus and knowing His word. It is not concerned about the titular achievement that is important in worldly systems of authority, but it pursues those that do not have a voice and seeks to empower them to live independent of the political powers that seek to control them. For those of us that call ourselves followers of Jesus, our lives are different. We do not seek land or power in order to form an automatous entity to create a nation state. Our agenda is to bring this kingdom of God among all people of the earth. Our authority to serve does not come from worldly political systems, or from religious dominations, but from God Himself. Those of us that have been touched by His people know that it is real and it will
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