World's Most Powerful Brand Product Mix

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Analysis and Environment Strengths World’s Most Powerful Brand Product Mix Multi-Cultural Strong Innovation Weakness High Cost Structure High Employment Acquisitions Opportunities Increase in Global Expansion Emerging markets Threats Fierce Competition Intellectual Property Rights Economy Changing Consumer interest Strengths 1. World’s Most Powerful Brand- 93 years in the making, through tv, movies, theme parks, music, and sports there is very few places in the world you can go that you won’t see the Disney Brand and even fewer companies that can say the same. 2. Product Mix- Over its 4 segments Disney has become a company that truly offers something for everyone of all ages, from ESPN and Disney Channel, to Star Wars and Marvel.…show more content…
(2015, Annual Report) 2. High Employment Rate- While having high numbers in employment may at first not seem like a weakness the company as listed their employment of approximately 185,000 employees as a risk to profitability (2015, Annual Report). As the cost of pensions benefits and postretirement medical benefits, changes in investment returns, discount rates, and other related assets and liabilities as unfavorable. Opportunities 1. Increase in Global Expansion- Disney plays to its brand strength and it shows with the recent opening of Disney Shanghai, that Disney can expand everywhere and anywhere in the market. But not only with its theme parks, the acquisitions of Star Wars and Marvel has led to limitless possibilities of what they can do in the market. 2. Emerging Markets- The mobile and internet brand is a threat to the company but also an opportunity, just as Walt had learned his lesson that he needs to own everything Disney has set itself up to own everything they create. Being able to move your products and offerings to the mobile market and internet is the key to surviving the next wave of innovation. With Disney having the right channels to access this consumer movement. Threats 1. Competition – Disney has many competitors in its various segments but out of all of them,
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