Worldview Analysis: Mormonism Essays

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WORLDVIEW ANALYSIS MORMONISM BENNIE W. BAKER APOL 500 September 30, 2012 Table of Contents Introduction 2 Summary 2 Critique 3 Conclusion 6 Bibliography 8 Introduction Mormonism is a multilayered religious organization with many faces. The words “multilayered” and “organization” are carefully chosen as they represent the bulk of what we will discuss as we seek to unveil the true essence of the Mormon world as they see it. We will summarize this organization and in so doing we will discover that it was built on human fallacy and deception from its inception. We will then follow with a critical look the claims, doctrines, and documents that frame their beliefs. Summary Mormonism is one of the fastest and…show more content…
I’m not surprised since Biblical knowledge is so lacking in our country. Alarming stats found on reveal that while 84% of Americans believe that the Bible is sacred, 43% believe that it shares the same spiritual truths as does the Koran and the Book of Mormon, and only 26% believe that it’s the actual word of God. Taking these stats into consideration you shouldn’t be surprised that so many have fallen for the lies of Joseph Smith. On the surface this religion looks Christian if you don’t look too hard. Even on the outer layer you should question why we can find the ruins of the ancient Aztec’s but can’t find any sign of the presence of Jesus on our continent as claimed by this church. There’s been no archeological validation of a single geographic reference found in the Mormon scriptures. One of the most obvious absurdities is right there on the surface. Joseph claims that he was blessed with a visit from the Father and Son while he was praying to find out which church was true, which he should join. As quoted above, he was told to join none of them because they’re “…all wrong…all their creeds are an abomination…those professors are all corrupt.” Yet this church is spending billions to appear to be as one of the very churches that its founder said that God condemned and forbade him from joining.
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