Worldview As A Person 's Perception Of Life And Perspective Of The World

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Christian Worldview
Rachel Rotolo
Liberty University

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Part I
A worldview is often defined as a person’s perception of life and perspective of the world. A worldview involves more than how a person interprets life, but it also involves a person’s philosophy of life, and a person’s decision-making (Gutierrez & Weider, 2013). Gutierrez and Weider describe a worldview as the lenses that one looks through to see the world, and that what a person sees is how they base their beliefs and choices (2013). A worldview is also described as a reflection of a person’s heart (Gutierrez & Weider, 2013). A world view does not always remain the same, as a person changes then their worldview …show more content…

Man was made in the image of God [Genesis 1:27] (Holy Bible, 2011). Then God puts the man into the garden to work it, and to be the authority over all living things [Genesis 1:26; 2:15] (Holy Bible, 2011). God created man in His image and gave man the most important form of life. Of all the living beings created, man is the only self-conscious being. Plant life have unconscious life, animals have conscious life, and human beings have self-conscious life (Willmington, 1981). Per Everyday Bible Study, God’s ultimate plan is to restore a proper relationship with Him (Gutierrez, Hulshof, & Cartwright, 2016). John 17:3 gives the purpose of mankind, and that is, for man to know God (Holy Bible, 2011). Per Finding Your Worldview: Thinking Christianly about the World, man is made to have a personal relationship with God the Father by Jesus Christ, His Son (Gutierrez & Weider, 2013). This is salvation. John 3:16 tells us that God loved man so much that He sacrificed His Only Son so that we may live forever with Him (Holy Bible, 2011). When a person accepts this truth then they have salvation, they have accepted this wonderful gift from God. Per Everyday with Jesus Daily Bible, God created us to know and enjoy Him (Hughes, Holman Bible Staff, 2013). 1 John 4:8 says that God is love and if we know God then we love. This is important because we cannot truly love ourselves, love others, or love

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