Worldview As A Person 's Worldview

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A person’s worldview may not be my worldview, a person’s worldview is individual to the person. I would define worldview as a person’s specific bias or opinion on topics that influence how they look at the world and their surroundings from what is there to what is expected to be there. Now that I have a definition of a worldview, what is a christian worldview? With the article, A Christian Worldview, there are five points that make up a christian worldview. First, God exists and the world was created by Him. Secondly, humans who fully believe in God has enjoyment to look forward to after death because they can be with God, but everyone has a soul and spirit to go somewhere after they die. Third, science and metaphysics are not the only …show more content…
According to InfoBase Learning, 80 percent of the people who responded to the poll on the website say physician - assisted suicide should be legal ( I find myself agreeing with a few of the scenarios that come up within this debate for a dignity in dying. Some people would rather die and have others remember their life filled with satisfaction, rather than the last few months that were filled with destroying the patient’s life quality. I do not believe the methods to this kind of death should be simple and easy to obtain. Also, citizens should legally be allowed to make this call for others who are not capable of communicating their wish to have aid in dying or have a prolonging life treatment instead. Doctor Timothy Quill from New York published an article in 1991 stating that he experienced helping a leukemia positive patient through the death process of assisted suicide. Within the following year Quill published another article stating his requirements to make the judgment call to help a patient seeking this dignity to die, “the patient have an incurable disease that caused great suffering;...the patient must ask repeatedly to die;...doctors should confirm that the patient is not suffering from depression or distorted judgment;...patient and the doctor should have a prior relationship of medical treatment;...the doctor should seek the opinion

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