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World View Assignment I: What is a worldview? To have a world view means that you have created a personal opinion of life. Those opinions you have created, help you make decisions as well as help you learn how to portray the world around you. As to be expected, one man’s worldview will not be the same as yours but it is always good to share your views with other people to hopefully open their eyes to your perception on certain topics. Finally it’s also good to listen to other people’s views to expand your own personal knowledge on the Christian world view. II: 1) The question of Origin As stated by the Christian world view on the origin of life, the inception of everything that exists was a result from God himself. The…show more content…
I believe that morality is just being obedient to God and his requests. The Bible teaches us to be moral because the obedience to God glorifies him who created us and obedience is accepted by God as worship (Romans 12:1). As humans and as Christians, we must strive to meet God’s standards or mortality in all that we do in our everyday lives to ensure we please him. 5) The question of Destiny Destiny can be a word that many people fear, simply due to the fear of the unknown. Humans fear life as well as death on a day to day basis. But the Bible reassures us that death can be faced without fear (psalm 23:4), because as Christians we believe that death is nothing more than a reward for the life that we have lived and we should welcome death when it is our time. Our destiny in life is to serve God to the fullest and to be with him one day in Heaven when we are called to go and leave our body here on earth. III: When I am out dealing with the public I always do my best to treat others with the respect they deserve. As a Christian, I believe in treating others the way I would like to be treated. I take pride in knowing that the way I present myself as a Christian woman in the public will hopefully impact someone in a positive way and possibly change the way they treat or are treating the people that they are interacting with during

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