Worldview Essay

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In this essay I will be explaining the difference between my worldview and others, but in order for to understand my worldviews or any other you must know the definition of the word worldview the meaning of it is found in the book Worldviews and Religion page 7 and it states “ The term worldview literally means ‘a way of seeing’”( North American Division. 1998, p 7). My worldview is Theism, they are people who believe that there is a higher power watching over the world. They are the opposite of naturalism unlike theism they are the group of people who believe that there is no higher power they think that the world is created because of some scientific reason. I feel like that don’t make sense to me because what made that scientific thing…show more content…
Theism like I stated in the first paragraph is a worldview that believes that there is a higher power like Christianity they believe in God and Jesus Christ they believe that Jesus came down as a baby and saved us by dying on the cross. There are also some just believe in some other type of God. People believe that this worldview is wrong because they do not have any tangible evidence to have and/or see to me that kinda doesn't make sense because they ( Naturalism) don’t have any as well that the universe was made by a big bang or anything else of that sort.
This debate can go back in forth but at the end of the day is it a belief and faith that these things are true. I personally feel like no worldview can say another worldview is wrong because it all drop to the same question “Where is your proof?” when it comes to religion and beliefs and can’t truly say who is actually right because there is no evidence on all the sides. They constantly go back and forth with this topic all over the world and no one has the true answer because none of us was there to see it and there is no document. They only thing theist has is the a book with stories. The
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