Worldview Essay

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A worldview is the basis from which we view reality and make sense of life and the world around us (focusonthefamily). It is a combination of all you believe to be true and what you believe becomes the motivation behind every decision, action, and emotion you make, ultimately shaping your identity. As a Christian, it is important to have your own worldview and be familiar with the worldviews of others. One of the most effective and fruitful ways to engage with non-Christian religions and ideas is to think of them in terms of the worldviews they reflect. We are called to engage with people who do not always share our distinctive faith. If we are going to engage effectively both with believers and non-believers, it makes sense to do so in…show more content…
It is a likeness to God that is mentally, morally, and socially. God originally created us to be good and perfect, but because of the fall we live in sin. Through the resurrection of Jesus, we have gained salvation and can live restored, eternally with Christ after death.
Most worldviews must accept their belief of the afterlife on unconfirmed faith, but the Christian hope is certain for two reasons; the resurrection of Christ and the testimony of God’s Word. The Bible provides us with the accurate view of what happens after death. For each person, death is either the gate to life with God or the damnation to Hell with Satan. As Christians we can be assured that death is not something to be feared because at death we go home to heaven. The Bible is very clear about what happens to our souls following death. Simply stated in Scripture, the soul of a Christian goes immediately to be with the Savior. The sin of a believer will be completely removed by Christ and His righteousness will fill their souls. On the contrary, our physical bodies do not immediately go to heaven. Not until judgment day will our bodies be “resurrected” to be with Christ in the “new heaven”.
Humans are made in the image of God who, himself, has and is knowledge. God is the Creator of the human intellect, giving us the ability to understand, reason, think, and remember. Though God has given us knowledge and wisdom, it is limited. Even the
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