Worldview : My Concept Of Religion Within My Worldview

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Worldview What is my worldview? What is my concept of religion within my worldview? I have had a long journey of growth and of struggle in my desire to find God. Starting from a young age, I had many questions concerning God and how involved he was in my life from a Protestant Christian perspective, to having what I would call a personal experience of the love of God as a child, which put me on the path to look for him. Just when I think I had God figured out, it’s as if my worldview got flipped upside down. So, my journey has been one of a constant changing worldview, never finding full comfort in any one area, denomination, or even religion. From a desire to be right within the particular denomination I was in, to finding out other…show more content…
The Church of God viewed itself as the chosen of the Christian God and all other Protestant churches including other religions were missing out on God’s truth. I enjoyed many relationships with others outside of the church who were from different denominations and religions and started to question what I had been taught. This led to the church questioning my questions and did not understand why I was asking these questions. I had come to a place in my life where the God that they spoke of no longer made sense to me and I could not understand how I just so happened to be saved and everybody else missed the boat, so I decided to move on and continue my search. During this time, I continued to look for God within the Christian tradition and came across a very intelligent Christian professor. Because I thought the Church of God was missing intelligence I thought that I had found what I was looking for within this professor, finally somebody who could provide me the truth. Within my mindset I thought that I would find the perfect truth if I only kept searching and in this man, who always was very wise and seemed to understand the deeper things of life, I thought that I had found it, finally the gold I was digging for. This man’s view of God was so much deeper than that of the Church of God and relieved my pain of feeling that the Christian God was angry at me because I could not keep his commandments perfectly. God all of a sudden
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