Worldview On Terrorism : Terrorism

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worldview on terrorism. Unlike earlier before when terror groups were confined in their countries or particular region, the new form of terror signposted that they could perpetrate terror to the entire world. Evidently, from the recent past attack it’s apparent that their most suitable target is unarmed civilians. They also target the highest number of casualties possible so as to inflict fear and intimidations and consequently pass their propaganda.
Modern terrorism can be analyzed focusing on issues such motivation, territorialism and individualism. Assumingly, it is apparent that terrorists are more motivated than ever. Unlike before, most terrorism activities carried out worldwide in the recent past are largely motivated by religion rather than political or economic objectives. Jihad teachers use religion as base of their teaching, and impose ideas to their students or followers (Mamdani, 2002). Their key motivation is religion. Other motivation to terrorism also exists such as politics among others though religious motivated tend to be more severe of all of them. Some time ago, most terrorism activities focused only on places or regions were their goals and objectives were confined. This form of terrorism was mainly homegrown or domestic. After realization of their objectives terror activities were ceased or declined gradually. Modern terrorism has no borders; it can be carried out virtually anywhere. It is more sophisticated and systematized thus very severe. Its goals
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