Worldview Paper for Nursing

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Tina Abraham
Nyack College
Professor Inseon Hwang
NUR 301: Christian Nurse
Christian Worldview: Christianity vs. Naturalism

A worldview is not determined simply by a single factor, value, belief or view. It can be described as a collection of beliefs a person has about his or her life and the world around. This worldview can include aspects such as a consistent decision making process, an idea of what is right or wrong, and also who or what authority do I respect and follow. This view can modified constantly by factors including experiences that a person might face, a changing environment, and different values. There are many different types of worldviews and perspectives people have about the world that help to shape who
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Some small examples include belief against abortion and I also believe that sex before marriage is immoral. I strongly believe in the seven sacraments and I believe that we should always pray for the dead. As a Christian I believe in confession and I strongly believe in the afterlife. As a Christian I have learned to always forgive and forget anyone that has sinned against our God.
Along with many other Christians, I live in the world that He created and I am patiently waiting for His second coming. It took me a while to know where I was going with my life and I knew the only way that I could get any answer is through prayer and having faith in my God. As I stand here today I know He has a plan for me and I know that with Him by my side there can be nobody against me as stated in Romans 8:31. Also as a Christian we all have went against God’s commandments and we have allowed sin into our lives. Even though we do wrong and sin on a daily basis, we have learned as Christian’s that we need to fix the problem by be obedient to God’s calling and repent so that we can be saved through this compassion and grace.
Every person on this earth has a great purpose they are going to fulfill throughout their life. I believe my purpose here is to serve God for what he is calling me for. It took a while to know that he was calling to me to become a nurse, and every day that goes by

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