Worldview Vs. Worldview : Worldview And Worldview

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When one discusses and researches Sires ' worldview questions; two questions stand out to the reader questions six and eight. These questions generally make people who are faithless or even faithful begin to ponder their worldview beliefs. These questions consist of are people who are committed to a particular worldview obligated to work towards shaping the human culture around that worldview? In addition, should people who are committed to a particular worldview expect their government to help shape their human culture around their worldview 's values? Followers of a worldview have an obligation to shaping the human culture around their worldview. Followers who also should not expect their government to shape the culture around a worldview. Followers of monotheistic religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity they demand in their sacred doctrine that followers spread their religion to others. The also requires that they change the human culture around them. When Judaism as a worldview is examined they constantly are trying to reform human culture, for example, Moses only has to get the Ten Commandments because mankind could not culturally conform to Gods commands so God had to tell Moses these essential rules so that mankind can conform to an Israel cultural code of ethics. In Christianity, the Christ gives his followers the great commission and tells crowds numerous times about the laws, social norms, how to treat people, how to heal and build up one another. In
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