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Konicha Lawrence-Copley
Ethics (Notes)
January 25, 2010
Orthodox Christians believe in a triune, personal God. God is both transcendent and immanent. Meaning, He exists independent of His creation and exerts full sovereignty over it but that He is also omnipresent and entirely involved in His world.
What are the basic assumptions about the nature of reality? Theism views reality as both material and spiritual. Theism asserts that God is volitional, moral, creative, purposive, rational, and knowable to other persons. Transcendent means that God is distinct form the universe. He is able and willing to interact with the creation, but His existence is not bound by or limited to the universe. Everything that exists is
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Since God cannot be known and has not created humans out of any kind of personal love, interpreting information through an objective standard escapes us; for God would be the only objective consciousness and any attempt to make connection is null and void. Since God has no bias for humans, place for objectivity is without reach. Therefore, they hold knowledge even more tentatively, because they do not ultimately know the mind behind the machine, and have no innate revelation from God. Even still, they believe that the natural laws of God can be known through reason.
How do they know what is right and wrong? Right and wrong can be very illusive. Since God has abandoned his creation, humans are left with merely a “cause” to reason by. This “cause” has no personal nature of goodness by which to draw ethics from, nor does it have an understanding of good or evil. Rather, everything just is, just as it ought to be: normal. Therefore, declaring something wrong is no more than a personal divergence of the predetermined universe. But this is impossible, because humans are not created to be personal, and declaration of wrong is simply a predetermined cause of the universe. However, they believe that God has somehow established a moral law in the order of things. This they are not entirely certain of, but believe it to be true.
It is the belief that only the natural realm exists. And by the natural realm, they mean the world of
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