Worldwide Debate about Uniforms

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My topic for comparisons is on the worldwide debate about uniforms. Every day when I wake up I We have two uniforms mostly at my school, so it's either one or the other. While if I was going to public school I would be a little more worried about what I'm wearing, which I'm going to elaborate on some. In schools with uniforms, statistics show that there is significantly less crime, and bullying. Some of the logic behind uniforms is fairly simple, yet it has a good point. If everyone is wearing the same clothes, then bullying about clothes is practically nonexistent. While in schools without uniforms, you can get made fun of if you don't have the newest fashions or trends. So an ignorant response to that might be, well why doesn't everyone buy nice clothes? Think of it this way, if everyone had the newest trends, then people will find something even newer and more expensive. Plus, kids with low-income families don't have money to splurge on new garb for their kid. Another popular debate on the topic of uniforms is about expenses. People claim that uniforms are more expensive than wearing your own clothes. Most statisticians say otherwise. They say that (in) schools without uniforms, you are more likely to have at least 15 sets of clothes, for the average child. While at schools with uniforms, you only have one or two sets of clothes that are your uniforms for every day of the week. These stats lead up to show us that uniforms are more financially beneficial. One good
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