Worldwide Hospitality Industry

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Aleena Iqbal The Worldwide Hospitality Industry Hospitality and Travel

FdA Hospitality and Travel Management
The Worldwide Hospitality Industry
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Aleena Iqbal/10451742 Tutor Name: Clare Dodsley Date: 9th April 2014

What is the Hospitality Industry? Hospitality in itself means kindness in welcoming guests or strangers and Barrows and Powers (2008, p5) suggest it is an industry that is broad and varies ranging from single-person organisations such as Restaurants and Bars to worldwide corporations. The Industry includes many
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The Global Guests system collects this information and has it available to hotel staff anywhere in the world when that guest checks in. "Our job is to deliver those [details] in context and automatically at the hotel.” (Mullich, 2011, p.1) Mullich, J. (2011, online) provides a more detailed definition through Nick Price, the Group's Chief Information Officer who outlines in this quote, what the hospitality industry is about
“The hospitality industry is about people being hospitable and giving a great experience at each hotel. If a frequent guest at one hotel was going to another hotel, someone at the first hotel would call that hotel and let them know about the guest before he walked in the door. Doing this consistently well as a global brand is challenging.” (Mullich, 2011, online). The Bloomberg Businessweek Research Study (2009, online) shows that only one in five C-level executives reported that the use of business analytics is integrated across their entire organisation. Also more than three-quarters of the responding executives cited “variable data quality, integrity, and consistency” as an obstacle to the organisation-wide which is the implementation of business
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