Worn Out Analysis

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I am currently studying at Whatcom Community College situated in Bellingham, WA and like any other colleges, it comprises a mixture of people from all over the world primarily as students, and this means that there is a fair share of ‘selfie-takers’ everywhere. Every day, regardless how busy I think the quarter would be, I would always have the chance to witness a countless number of selfie-takers, and apparently there exist variety styles of taking selfies too, which to me is so fascinating because it is a kind of simple way of keeping your precious memory. Instantly curious, I start to wonder does a self-portrait of Da Vinci or Pablo Picasso which my classmates and I always talk about during our English class brings the same meaning as selfie except they are done on canvas? According to Barrett’s Principles of Interpretation, every artwork has its own “aboutness”, and they demand interpretation. I do consider selfies as a form of arts, but since they are just a quick snap away from the smartphone, that alters my understanding that both are very dissimilar to one another. Whereas a self-portrait requires the artist, their tremendous effort, and time. Plus, qualities like…show more content…
Most of his drawings during that year are for him to learn how to draw lithograph, a drawing based on water and oil. The only thing that distinguishes between the earlier version and this art piece is in this picture it has colors which, the same old man with the same pose wears a strikingly blue color of attire with a brown pair of shoes while sitting on a bright wooden chair. The old man and the chair have a sheer color while the surrounding like the flame and the floor are vaguely painted. This allows the paintings to draw all of the energy and make it entirely focused on the old man’s sorrowful
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