Worry Warts Play Analysis

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Drama Report ~ Worry Wart Analysis

1. Name of the play, playwright, and author of book play was adapted from, year play was written.

For the 2015 year nine drama production, the class performed a Monkey Baa production, ‘Worry Warts’, a play based on the 1992 novel ‘Worry Warts’ by Morris Glietzman.
2. A brief description of what the play is about.

‘Worry Warts’ the play has been based around the life and family struggles of a young eleven year old male, Keith. Throughout the play, Keith highlights both his family’s personal and financial struggles, the play also indicates Keith’s efforts and methods taken to preserve his family’s bond. The play occurs in Far North Queensland where the Shipley family had earlier migrated from. During the
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The costume worn by Kate included an oversized cardigan and a modern ensemble underneath. The staging of the scene included Mr and Mrs Shipley sitting on the living room couch then both moving closer to Keith who was positioned close to the living room entrance. A single spotlight was used to illuminate the three characters. The set, costumes props, lighting and staging of the scene allowed the audience to identify the location of the scene and personality of each character.

7. Describe how successful you think one or more of these elements were in the scene and justify your opinion using examples.

The costume worn by all three actors playing Kate Shipley strongly indicated the continuing character throughout the production, the audience were easily able to identify the same character throughout the three different actors during the three divisions of the play. The staging and set of the production during scene three were positioned well and indicated the surrounds and atmosphere of the story. Onlookers were able to distinguish where each scene was based on the props and set up of the scene.

1. Choose one scene in the play that you are in and briefly describe what happens in this
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American tourist Nancy’s role is majorly focused on playing the overexcited tourist as well as being a co-character for main character Keith.

3. Describe what we wanted the audience to feel in this scene and what we wanted them to think about.

Throughout the scene which Nancy stars in, her charisma and personality are main aspects for the audience to enjoy. During the allocated scene, the audience are expected to find humour from the characters and to be able to relate to Keith’s situation where he is confused and alone.

4. Describe your posture, movements, facial expressions, gestures, mannerisms and use of voice in this scene and explain what these things show the audience about your character.

Within scene eight of the production, Nancy’s posture and movements are all over exaggerated and emphasised to portray the characters over the top personality. Her facial expressions commonly include emancipated smiles and enthusiastic expressions. The character’s gestures and mannerisms are all orientated around excitement and exaggeration whilst the character’s tone of voice used is extremely high pitched to display their
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