Worship Lessons From Isaiah.

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WORSHIP LESSONS FROM ISAIAH As we continue with Worship Lessons from the Old Testament we will dive into the book of Isaiah. Before I get into my main point, I wanted to give you a quick biography of the prophet Isaiah, since many of us, including myself, have at one time or another skimmed through this book. Who exactly was the prophet Isaiah? Born In Jerusalem Lived about 700 years before Christ Jewish tradition says he was of royal descent and may have been a cousin of King Uzziah He was married to a prophetess (Isaiah 8:3) and had two sons. His ministry lasted at least 40 years Quoted the New Testament more than any other prophet and the list can go on and on.... (but I will spare you from boredom) You might ask, "HOW DOES HIS LIFE HAVE ANY SIGNIFICANCE OF WORSHIP IN TODAY 'S DAY AND AGE?" To answer that question lets look at what the definition of worship is? Worship is to honor with extravagant love and extreme submission (Webster 's Dictionary, 1828). We quickly tend to assume that the only worshiper in the old testament was King David. We have a misconception that because he was gifted and talented in music that he is automatically a worshiper but we have to be careful that we don 't fall victim to categorizing worship or leadership mainly into something YOU DO as oppose to something that YOU LIVE. To go a little further in depth, let me break down a certain event in Isaiah 's life that I think really showcases him and what true worship really is. Isaiah 's

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