Worship Wars On Sunday Morning : Traditional Vs. Contemporary

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PAYNE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY WORSHIP WARS ON SUNDAY MORNING: TRADITIONAL VS CONTEMPORARY PRACTICAL PERSPECTIVE A PAPER SUBMITTED TO DR. BETTY W. HOLLEY IN PARTIAL COMPLIANCE WITH THE REQUIREMENTS FOR CM 301B SENIOR SEMINAR II BY MICHELLE FRAYER WILBERFORCE, OHIO JANUARY 27, 2015 Thesis Statement: Orderly worship services unite us in the Body of Christ. PRACTICAL PERSPECTIVE One of the most controversial issues in African Methodist Episcopalian congregations today are styles of worship. Those who grew up singing traditional hymns, mostly older members of the congregation are often uncomfortable with the lyrics and contemporary rhythms often preferred by their younger brothers and sisters in Christ. It is…show more content…
We often see ministers and leaders taking an active role and congregation sitting and listening. The Bible encourages the participation of each member. However, it is necessary to expose the congregation to sound teaching on this subject first. I would teach the Church to get involve and then afford them opportunities to participate. Practically speaking, I would verbally and electronically encourage (through use of social media) my congregation to become involved in this aspect. That is to raise their voices in praise and find opportunities for them to express their praise. The level of academic studies, musical knowledge, years of service, and formal education are all important in worship. This and an interest in music and a humble attitude towards training are significantly related to the concept of worship and the philosophical approach. When establishing my church, I will be sure to incorporate this in the job description and seek out team members with these qualifications and a humble spirit to lead this ministry. Finally, along with the help of the congregation, I would fund the ministry team bi-annually to trainings, seminars or conferences such as the National Worship Leader Conference (http://nwlconf.com/). The rationale for this is to train these leaders in matters of worship and music so that they may in turn influence the concept of

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