Worship You Rhetorical Devices

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From the mini shrines to the scent of incense, there were signs everywhere that my house was Buddhist. I considered myself a Buddhist for a good part of my life, did not question it, my parents were, so I assumed I was too. At times, the idea of divine intervention and reincarnation sounded outrageous, but I assumed that the afterlife itself was quite unknown, and could not be disproved. Live a good life, promote peace and harmony, make visits to the temple, give offerings (often money), and you will find yourself in a good place my parents taught me. This all sounds good but often times however, I would find myself at odds with my actions. It just all seemed like common sense and I had no prayer thoughts whenever I went to the Buddhist temple…show more content…
At the start of his song, he sings fast, really fast. So much that you can barely understand it and make out the words. But this fast pace coupled with the rapid guitar and gallop-like drum sounds sounds amazing, catchy, majestic, yet he slows down, and makes these words clear, “We worship you, you read my mind, won’t we see you once again?” What he is saying in the fast paced moment is, “Only in the way you want it, only on the day you want it, only with the understanding, every single day you want it.” For me, when I was young, I never really understood everything about the religion but simply guessed and went with it. I guessed that buddhism is about being kind to others because it is the right thing to do. Although that is at the core, other aspects such as nirvana and divine reincarnation simply did not register. I began to realize that being nice to others doesn’t need to be in the Ten Commandments, or some book, it's just common sense. Part of why religion resonates with people is because it explains that what you’re doing has a purpose. This feeling is what it takes for a religion to receive followers. I believe it is for self-satisfaction, and nothing more. Sounds like an extreme stance, but it is one I take. Maybe I finally found exactly what I was questioning about religion through this song. However many of my siblings, some younger and some older, still follow Buddhist teachings and prayers, making myself the
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