Worship of Jupiter: King of the Gods Essay

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Worship of Jupiter

Background of Jupiter

Jupiter, or Jove, is the King of the Gods, and the God of the Sky and Storms.Jupiter’s most well known symbols are the lightning bolt, and the Eagle.

Jupiter is the son of the Titans, Saturn and Opis. Jupiter and his brothers, Pluto and Neptune, rebelled against Saturn and the other Titans, vanquishing them and imprisoning some of them in Tartarus. Jupiter also had three sisters, Vesta, Juno and Ceres. He is the husband to his sister Juno, and father of Vulcan, Venus, Minerva, Apollo and Diana (Twins), Mercury, Bachus, Mars, and Proserpina.

Jupiter is regarded as the Roman equivalent of the Greek Deity, Zeus. Both Deities are known to create law and order, and they both are told to throw
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Sacred Days

The Nundinae, which recurred every nine days, was special to Jupiter, as on this day, the high priestess of Jupiter, would sacrifice a white ram to Jupiter. It was also the day that rural people would come into town to sell, and be informed of religious and political decisions.

The Ides, which is the midpoint of the month, with a full moon, was sacred to Jupiter. This was because the Romans believed that the full moon was a heavenly light, representing Jupiter’s presence. On the Ides, a white lamb was led to the Capitoline Citadel, and was sacrificed to him.


Jupiter also had the most festivals, and public holidays, dedicated to him than any other deity. These include:

The “Vinalia altera”, on August 19th. This was the day that people asked Jupiter for good weather to ripen the grapes before harvest, and a white sheep would be sacrificed. The high priestess of Jupiter would also pick the first grape of the harvest.

The “Vinalia urbana”, on April 23rd. This was the day in which new wine was offered to Jupiter. This was done by pouring large amounts of fine wine, into a ditch near the Temple of Venus Erycine, located on the Capitol.

The “Metitrinalia” on October 11th. This day marked the end of the annual grape harvest. It is the day in which new wine was pressed, and mixed with old wine to control fermentation. Initially this festival was sacred to Jupiter, but later Roman sources invented a new God, Meditrina, to explain
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