Worst Actions Of Professionalism Analysis

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Stealing from a organization you work for is one of the worst actions of professionalism. In my opinion there are many forms of negativity to determine the quality of an individual and their professionalism, but the act of theft has to be one of the worst. In my perspective this is morally and ethically wrong.This was the first time I encountered a negative example of professionalism was when I was employed as a grocery Bagger at a commissary located on a U.S. Department of Defense base while I was in high school. Being a bagger for the U.S. DeCA Commissary in meant for individuals to follow a set of guidelines that were required The duties required for being a bagger consisted of bagging goods for customers who requested helped. While working alongside fellow students from school and Korean locals who obtained work visas for the U.S. Department of defense, we would rotate a specific cycle of turns, in order to have equal opportunities with customers. The objective of the job was to take store goods that were bought by customers as they checked out and then placed them into paper or…show more content…
By my junior year, I was already on my second year of voluntary employment at the Yongsan Commissary located on the U.S. base in Seoul, South Korea. While living off base I encountered many people who would seek a income from the same opportunity I had during the time. I would offer help with a application, and they usually accepted my offer. Most of my co-workers were students that attended my high school. I offered to assist those people who encountered me, with my own way of understanding for the process and duties of this job. Once my fellow classmates obtained employment, I was not countable for their actions. They had to keep and follow the same procedures as an, individual contractor working while working for the Yongsan
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