Worst Case Research And Reflection Paper

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Georgia Crandall October 23, 2017 English Composition 1711 Kasandra Duthie Worst Case Research and Reflection Paper (rough draft) Everyday, citizens of the United States wake up on the oppressive, ostracized grounds that this country was founded and long lived upon. To some, this is a mere piece of knowledge found in a history textbook, something that they can be indifferent toward. For many others, however, this oppression is an ever-present figure in their life, virtually inescapable. The concept of the metaphorical “melting pot” that America is made out to be is true in some respects, given the large amount of religious and ethnic minorities found here, however its execution has been drastically problematic and inequal. The United States has always enabled intolerance, though now possibly less obviously than in the past. It comes in the form of more opportunities, to have a good education, good job, a life with essentially a guarantee to comfort, if you are a white Christian. The intolerance I have encountered, both as a victim and a witness, is an infringement of human rights, and needs to be resolved in order to establish the United States as a safe environment for all. Although I have not experienced intolerance at the magnitude that some face, I still understand and feel the alienation and exclusion from “normality”, as if my heritage and religion are inconveniences. I remember a day in elementary school when a boy I knew gave me a folded-up piece of
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