Worst Disease Research Paper

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BREAKING NEWS A deadly disease is spreading through Europe today. Many people have been killed by this monstrous disease. This disease will give you pains, headaches, coughing blood and bubble like sacks on your body. This disease also leaves the tip of your fingers black. This disease will most likely kill you in 1-3 days. Very few have gotten this disease and survived. Due to the amount of people dying, the conditions of towns have gone way down. Doctors are trying to figure out treatments and preventions to this disease. How did this happen and how can we prevent it? PREVENTION To prevent this disease from getting to you, doctors have created a suit to wear. It consists of a leather hat, glass eyes, long beak to fill with herbs and spices, mask gathered at the neck, a long gown, leather…show more content…
As this dangerous disease is running rapidly through Europe, it leaves us to ask ‘how did this happen?’ Many people believe that this is God’s wrath on his people for all the sins we have committed. Therefore, some people are trying to receive God’s forgiveness by praying and spending time in church. On the other hand, most people have left the religion. They see no reason to spend their last day worshiping to a God that brought this pain on his people. I suggest you should use some of the mentioned treatments to help prevent this disease. Good luck to you and your families in surviving this monster of a disease. WORK NEEDED In other news, work is needed in guilds and farms. As people are dying many jobs have opened up. The crops have not been taken care up which is depleting our food supply. Guild spots are opened in many different crafts as well. There is a new job that needs to be filled as the death rate is raising which is collecting and burying the dead. The job may sound bad but in desperate times we need someone to take it or conditions will deplete even more. So, if you think you can fill in these spots, please ask your local farms and
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