Worst Leadership

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Assignment # 1 Worst leadership experience Unit code:MBS671 Tutor : Mr. Daniel Adkins ------------------------------------------------- Student ID# 31754597 AMIR HAMZA KHAN During a retailing course while I was studying bachelors, we were supposed to do a project on selling; the basic idea of the project was to sell products to a target group which was limited to college students who usually were from the age group of 18-25, the skills and strategies that were being taught on selling were to be implemented to gain customers from the target group within a limited budget and a competitive profit was to be generated. We were divided into group consisting of 5 members (3 male 2 females), I was not elected as the leader…show more content…
Profit might not be achieved too well but the project gave us an opportunity to work as a team and experience situations we might face later in life. The project in spite of being a failure changed our perspective of facing
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