Would Anyone Engage In Smoking Cigarettes If Each Cigarette

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Would anyone engage in smoking cigarettes if each cigarette had an effect written on the side, such as lethal, or fatal? Advertisements pop up on the TV commercials, in newspapers, and magazines that illustrate the reality of what happens when engaging in smoking tobacco, but yet people still smoke cigarettes. Some of these advertisements campaigning against big tobacco companies use pretty graphic and shocking images to convince the population that tobacco is just awful for the body. Health organizations use real people that have had their lives destroyed by smoking, and show us the real effects associated with tobacco, yet people still chose to smoke. Observing this advertisement, the illustrator tries convincing viewers whom have never…show more content…
People who don’t smoke will look at this ad and realize the bullet they missed by not smoking cigarettes. The effects written on this anti smoking advertisement are ammo for a nonsmoker to use to try and convince a smoker that it is not worth the risk. A person can use what they see in this ad to push whomever they know to kick smoking to the side, and prevent major health issues. The first element of persuasion we will explore in this ad is Pathos. Looking at the laundry list of harmful effects in plain white blunt text, words like cancer, fatal, and disease really come out and smack the audience with a shocking reality. These words put a depth to how dangerous smoking is. The majority of the advertisement is black with white text, nothing fancy, just straight to the point. A blunt informative way of addressing where this ad stands on smoking. The smoker in this ad is loading a black revolver with cigarettes. A weapon is a powerful way of causing death and harm, as are cigarettes. A loaded gun is dangerous, the smoker is pulling the trigger on his own life with every drag they take from that cigarette. The reader feels fear for the smoker and sees the danger that is associated with smoking. A person can really feel pity for the smoker, there 's information all over this advertisement about how harmful smoking is yet a smoker lights up regardless of the warnings. The viewer feels pity for the smoker, one day that revolver will go off, and
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