Would You Buy a Car That Looked Like This Essay

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Andrew Simms, a policy director and head of the Climate Change Program for the New Economics Foundation in England, presents his argument about the impact SUV’s have on our roadways, and the air we breathe. “Would You Buy a Car That Looked like This? “. The title alone gives great insight on what the article is going to be about, (vehicles). “They clog the streets and litter the pages of weekend colour *supplements. Sport utility vehicles or SUV’s have become badges of middle class aspiration” (Simms 542). Simms opening statement not only gives his opinion on how SUV’s are the new trend, but he also paints a picture of what we see every day driving down our roadways. Simms also compares the tobacco industry’s gap between image and reality…show more content…
(Simms 542). Simms solution on labeling cars helps readers visualize a big warning sign on an SUV; in other words, an eye sore. Also it gives readers a preview of his solution.
Simms makes an important move, “1.2 million people across the world are killed in road crashes each year and 50 million injured” (qtd. in Simms 542). This fact shows that Simms acknowledges that car crashes result in many deaths a year; however SUV’s by almost any measurements, are more dangerous than cars. Next Simms provides more supporting facts. “People driving or riding in a sport utility vehicle in 2003 were nearly 11 percent more likely to die in an accident than people in cars” (qtd. in Simms 542). Simms also states that due to the size of an SUV, they suffer from greater rear view blind spots. Which he stated may account for the number of parents who killed their children by running over them. These strong facts speak for themselves; and bring an emotional appeal to the reader. A child dying in any circumstance promotes sadness.
Next Simms acknowledges our rights with a quote “In a free society, men and women ultimately have the right within the law to choose their own lifestyle, even when it may damage their own health. “But, he added. “People do not have the right to damage the health of others.” (qtd. In Simms 542). Then he also stated that when it comes to choosing cars neither the industry nor the self-absorbed consumer can be trusted to do the right thing. This
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