Would You Rage In A Cage Research Paper

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Would You Rage In A Cage?

If people wouldn’t prefer living life behind bars, what makes you think that the animals would want to? Extremely large mammals get vicious from living in tiny areas, and as a result, they will never adapt. Furthermore, they develop abnormal behaviors and diseases. Taking them away from their natural home, takes away their freedom. Animals in captivity has several downsides, therefore US citizens should learn how cruel it really is. Imagine living in a world where all animals are living in the wildlife rather than behind bars. As shown in Bronx Zoo studies, captive animals have a shorter life span. In fact, the article “Free-Willy-And All His Pals”, states that zoo animals often die young after becoming obese and
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Certainly a zoo is no place for animals to live. As can be seen, these scientific studies by PSPCA and Zoological Society of London show that putting animals behind bars shortens their lifespan. There are often reasons to consider why animals should not en caged such as mainly new adjustments. Even after time, exotic animals will never adjust to new conditions. In other words, they belong in their natural habitat means they only come out at night. The Brown family owned a pint-sized Kinkajous. In order for her to sleep through the day, she dug a hole in an expensive sofa. Not to mention, when she’d awaken at night she would terrorize the house, and eventually she bit the children. To end the chaos, Mr. Brown contacted the San Diego Children's Zoo and they welcomed her into their zoo (Ebsco 1). In February 2010, Seaworld Orca Tilikum pulled forty year old senior trainer Dawn Brancheau underwater. Tilikum shook her violently and severed her spine. This was the second time he had killed a trainer (Ebsco, 2). Captive Orcas are awfully aggressive. Researchers believe stress or long term confinement causes them to be violent and psychotic. However, wild orcas have never killed anyone (Ebsco 2). Undoubtedly, captivity brings out the worst out of
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