Wound Care Analysis

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The first article is about how critical it is to have proper and concise wound care documentation. It talks about this importance from the stand point of a lawyer who deals with a lot of wound care negligent cases. His key points include proper measurements, weekly documentations, pictures and correct diagnosis of the type of wound to have accurate information. He also talks about the importance of having the right employees completing the information or the systems don’t work. Whether it’s an electronic or paper-based system, or photos of the wound, employees must be trained to provide accurate documentation, he said. “Just putting [a system] into place doesn’t make it work” (O’Connor 2012). The second article talks about the importance of having a solid electronic medical record system in place to help keep…show more content…
The article talks about how wound care management is a huge issue in the nursing home setting because not a lot of nursing homes will fund a wound care specialist. “…wound management is an issue in all health-care settings, particularly in nursing homes, where access to specialist wound-care services is often difficulty owing to funding issues, and the underlying care needs and mobility problems of the patient population (K.Vowden & P.Vowden 2013).” The remote support is a new technological program that will aid the nurses in correct assessment and treatment for wounds. What the nurse does is measure the wound and take a picture, it is then uploaded on a secure site along with measurements and co-morbidities of the patient. A specialist then reads and interprets the information and gives a treatment plan for that patient. The study showed some improvement with this new tool versus standard of care treatment and assessment. This study still has a ways to go for proper use but shows good potential for early diagnosis and treatment of
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