Wound Care

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Dale Gordon has been a patient in the ICU for 6 days after developing complications after open heart surgery. He is an 82-year-old African American who is disoriented to place and time. He lives with his daughter Claudia in her home. Claudia and her two brothers visit Mr. Gordon daily since he has been hospitalized. Mr. Gordon has not been eating well since the surgery and has lost 3 pounds. Mr. Gordon has type 2 diabetes and is on oral antihyperglycemic medication. Before he came to the hospital, Mr. Gordon was able to only ambulate for short distances. He has orders to get up in a chair twice a day. Joan, a student nurse, is caring for Mr. Gordon this morning. She has reviewed his medical record and is now ready to start caring for him.…show more content…
After surgery, Mr. Baker is taken to a room on the medical-surgical floor. He has an IV infusing at 125 ml/hr, a PCA pump, and a nasogastric tube connected to low suction. He is receiving oxygen through a nasal cannula.
Lori is going over Mr. Baker’s preoperative checklist. The informed consent form has been signed by Mr. Baker. Lori knows that it is the responsibility of the _____ to tell the patient about the surgery, including risks, benefits, expected outcomes, and alternatives.
A. Preoperative nurse B. Surgeon. C. Anesthesiologist D. Circulating nurse
As part of Lori’s assignment, she is observing Mr. Baker’s surgery. She is to follow the circulating nurse. What will Lori learn is the role of the circulating nurse during the surgery?
Rationale: After the surgery, Mr. Baker is taken to the PACU, the endotracheal tube is removed, and Mr. Baker responds to his name. During the time in the PACU, Lori monitors respiratory status closely due to what factors? Select all that apply.
A. Anesthesia can have a depressing effect on respirations. B. Mr. Baker has a history of smoking. C. Mr. Baker has an abdominal incision. D. All of the above. Lori is developing Mr. Baker’s care plan and adds the nursing diagnosis potential for infection. Why would Mr. Baker be at high risk for developing an infection?

Mr. Baker’s nurse asks Lori to apply a thromboembolic device (TED) hose and a

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