Wound Care

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Wound care (Pressure Ulcer)
During community placement, my mentor and I visited M (patient), a 75years old lady, who was presented with a Pressure Ulcer, on the heel of her right leg. On arrival, my mentor asked me to manage M’s wound. However, I have observed and participate in carrying out this skill (wound care) with my mentor on several occasions. I explained the procedure to M and gained her consent to carry out the procedure.
The preparation and application of aseptic technique was quite challenging in M’s home, however I washed my hands, worn apron and gloves, and adopt aseptic technique. When I remove the old dressings and assessed the wound, I observed that M’s wound was slightly exudates, odour, sloughs and dry
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Barrett (2009) concurs that, the management of wound required dressing that can maintain a moist environment, absorbs exudates as well as remain in situ over number of days.
As a novice practitioner, I found it quite challenging carrying out aseptic technique in M’s home. Hallett acknowledge this situation and state’s that
“The nature of the home environment makes it difficult to maintain control over any procedure, but particular problems arise when the procedure involves trying to prevent contamination” (Hallett 2000 cited in Unsworth 2011).
Another bad situation was when M asked me ‘How is the wound?’ I could not answer her and my mentor had to rescue me. NMC (2004) warns that, Nurses are accountable for their actions in practice and it’s the nurse responsibility to explain treatments to the patients.
On assessment, the wound was slightly exudates, odour, sloughs and dry skin patches on the surroundings. Sprakes (2010) state that, holistic assessment of patient and the wound are essential in order to facilitate the wound healing process. Ousey and McIntosh (2010) points out that, chronic wounds are exacerbated by a sequence of misdiagnosis, neglect, incompetence or inappropriate treatment strategies. I observed that, M’s wound was with exudates and sloughs; this
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