Wound Care Reflection

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Look Back A meaningful event from my clinical experience was during week six when one of my colleague and I along with the RN performed a wound care procedure on one of my client who had pressure ulcers on her coccyx area and wound on the right foot. It was my first time doing wound care on a client who has severe wound type. Client is a 90 years old female who has been admitted to the unit for Osteomyelitis, it is an infection of the bone, caused by bacteria breaking into the body’s tissues and entering the bloodstream through an open wound (LeMone, p.1382). The client said a dog bit her foot at a park few years ago and that’s how she got the wound. Client has a wound care dressing order that needs to be changed daily with Betadine soaked gauze for all areas,…show more content…
Elaborate When I entered the client’s room for wound care; I saw that she was on her bed, in semi-fowler position with the bottom of the bed elevated as well. I pressed the bed remote to bring the bottom of the bed down and straight. We had everything ready on the table for the procedure; we washed our hands and wore PPE, gloves. Client’s legs were very stiff and contracted, we tried to extend but it didn’t work. It was documented on client’s chart that she has severe contracture which “is an abnormal flexion and fixation of a joint caused by muscle atrophy and shortening” (LeMone, p. 1330). When I assisted client with passive ROM exercises before wound care, it was very difficult to straighten her legs. We perform aseptic technique for cleaning and dressing the wound. We placed extra bed pad under client’s leg and I used the

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