Wound Care: Sterile Dressing Changes Essay

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Objectives According to Bastable and Doody (2007) an objective is a specific, single one-dimensional behavior. Objectives are used to form a map to provide directions on how to achieve a particular goal. In this lesson the students will have two goals. The first is for the student nurses to be able to identify all the supplies necessary to change a sterile dressing and to be able to correctly assess when a dressing needs changed or reinforced. The lesson plan will contain the following objectives:
1. Following classroom lecture, the student will identify all the supplies needed to change a sterile dressing.
2. Following a small group session, the student will be able to recognize the eight signs of when a sterile dressing needs to be
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In this theory it is believed that activities are needed in order to reinforce the information that the student has been given. This is what reinforces the learning that has taken place in the classroom. Activities make learners think and thinking motivates learning O’Neil, Fisher, & Newbold, 2009). In this lesson the material that is presented in the classroom lecture will be reinforced during the small group sessions when the learners are given activities to do in regards to the information that they have been given. The biggest difference between student-centered education and traditional education is that with student-centered education a variety of teaching methods are used (Blumberg, 2008). People all learn in different ways and at different levels and using just one standard teaching method does not always work for everyone. Learner-centered education is beneficial to both the teacher and the student in that it provides the perfect environment for hands on learning. It allows for the instructor to tie the material to real work examples and situations while allowing the learner to relate the learning to their own experiences.
Learning Activity There are a variety of teaching methods that can be used for the purpose of developing cognitive abilities (Bastable & Doody, 2007). In order to attain the goal that I
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