Wound Healing: A Case Study

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Wound management requires skills and expertise in providing a standard care for patients who has delayed in wound healing. Most often, as we exposed to a clinical setting for a very long time we are highly aware of wound management preferences and different approached among nurses, both fulfilled and unfulfilled. As much as health care workers provide the highest management of a wound, we still have noticed a delay in wound healing. As far as wound healing is concerned, negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) is used as an intervention in providing further management of a wound. In particular, we are interested to explore if negative pressure wound therapy has an impact on wound healing. The term negative pressure wound therapy is mostly known by other names, such as topical negative pressure and vacuum assisted closure (Carville, 2012). Additionally, it…show more content…
At the same time, the data was gathered were taken from various databases like that of MEDLINE, EMBASE and Cochrane. The article was a systematic review combined with Randomised controlled trial. The article did not include any non-Randomised trials in the evaluation of the study (Peinemann & Sauerland 2011). Additionally, there were 342 patients that were under a study. It is then divided into two groups, those received NPWT and those without NPWT. The study was a pilot Randomised controlled trial in treating grade III or IV pressure ulcers. The study of location was within the area of NHS Leeds. Moreover, this was a two-centre, which was community and acute, where those who were included in the study must receive primary care through Leeds Primary Care
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