Wound Healing Research Paper

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Traditional Incision and Drainage Protocol: is Wound Packing Truly Beneficial? Kirby Cranford, Rachel Perry, Heather Pastva, Brien Hollingsworth, Melissa James, Rebekah Burr Medical University of South Carolina Physician Assistant Class of 2017 PA 695: Research Methods for Health Professionals Introduction The practice of wound healing through incision and drainage dates back to 1400 B.C. in ancient Egypt (Broughton et al., 2006). With over two millennia worth of advances in medical technology and the revolution of antibiotics, the ancient practice of wound healing evolved to shape protocols used today. One of the most common, current practices for treating abscesses involves incision and drainage followed by packing…show more content…
The additional practice of packing is also accepted despite the limited evidence supporting its practice. The practice of packing is believed to prevent dead space formation and promote wound healing. Traditional teaching states that packing is necessary for the theoretical reason that the use of the packing material helps to prevent the layers of skin from resealing too quickly and impedes the reformation of the abscess. However, packing materials have actually been shown to prevent drainage from the wound and therefore, hinder the abscess from healing. Altogether, packing has been linked to more pain, increased rates of infection, and prolonged healing times for patients (Kessler, Krantz, and Mojica,…show more content…
Additional studies have joined the investigation of wound packing, focusing on the need for its use during incision and drainage for specific abscesses. These studies also examine various differing factors between packed vs. non-packed groups, such as healing times, abscess reformation, infection rates, and pain. This data is currently evolving and just now reaching the national stage (O’Malley, Dominici, et. al). The purpose of our research is to examine the efficacy of wound packing through the review of multiple randomized double blind controlled trials and to clarify its role in medical practice. This research hopes to also provide resources to educate patients, students, and practitioners in regards to the role of packing in modern medical practice and potential alternative treatment options. Although history is an excellent source for wisdom and knowledge, one cannot become complacent and fail to constantly question current practices in order to ensure the best outcomes for
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