Wound Healing and Guava Leaves

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Role of Guava Leaves (Psidium Guavaja) in Wound Healing

By Marie Curie Group
AQUINO, Jason Benedict M.
CRUZ, Arriane DS
LUI, Charwin Kenneth A.
VILLAMAR, Freidrich Marvin

* Abstract
As the title implies, guava leaf is the main subject for this research. Little had been known that the leaf of this plant has tannin/tannic acid that constitutes to the healing progress of the wound. The researchers would determine the difference between the ointment and the tincture made of guava leaves. This study will be limited to heal specific types of wounds such as abrasion & superficial wounds, exception were people with healing incapability. The experiment would only last for a specified time span of
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The researchers aim to innovate and create new product/s out of guava plant specifically its leaves, producing an alternative material compared to harmful skin remedies. In this study, the researchers would be focusing on differentiating and observing the effectiveness of the tincture and ointment in healing. Lastly, the researchers’ objective is to contribute to our society the knowledge they will gain from this research to be further enhanced in future time. * Scope and Limitation of the Study
This study limits itself to only heal specific cases of wounds such as on accidental wounds & abrasion/superficial wounds. Exception to this study includes those people suffering from diabetes or those who were experiencing longer period of regenerating or healing incapability. The researchers will conduct their observation for 3-4 days. The individuals who will be part of the experimentation are those who don’t have any serious conditions ( e.g diabetes ) which may affect the normal healing process but have different nutritional status. The usage of proper gears such as latex gloves and other sterile materials are needed to sustain the components of the product/s and its possible effects. * Hypothesis
Wound healing would have

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