Wound Healing and Nutrition

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Wound Healing and Nutrition Introduction When it comes to wound healing, there are various factors that play strong roles in how successful (and how rapid) that healing is for any particular patient. One of the significant factors being addressed by many medical professionals is nutrition. In other words, the opinion is that the proper nutrition, when offered to a patient, can help that person heal his or her wounds more quickly than would have occurred if nutrition had not been a factor. While this may not work with all patients, evidence indicates that many patients do benefit from better nutrition while they have wounds that are healing. Addressed here are four different studies that indicate the value of nutrition where wound healing is concerned. The articles will be condensed, and then the credibility and clinical significance of the studies will be addressed. Additionally, the applicability of the studies will be discussed, and three research questions and learning objectives will be created from the information collected from the studies. This will allow for proper consideration of nutrition when it comes to wound healing in various types of patients and medical examples. Article Synopses In the study by Arnold and Barbul (2006), research suggested that there was more to nutrition and wound healing than just adequate intake of fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Laboratory work shows that various other types of nutritional interventions can have major impacts
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